The show TEMPTATION is just about that, the human weakness to be seduced by substances that may be immediately delightful but in the long run maybe not so good for the body, mind or soul. This is not a morality play this is a cabaret. No finger pointing here, let's face it, weakness is a human trait. Having said that anyone fancy a wee dram of whiskey? How about a chuff of this reefer, it'll relax you. Speaking of relaxation I got some amazing Columbian marching powder...or would you prefer a little H? From the opium dens of Limehouse to the Manhattans of Manhattan to the smack sleaze of Kings Cross. Christa and Svetlana perform songs by Kurt Weill,the Velvet Underground,Cole Porter , Marilyn Manson , Ella Fitzgerald and the Beasts of Bourbon. C'mon, just for a taste.

TEMPTATION - What the critics say

There's temptation around every corner and Christa Hughes is on the case. Cigarettes, coffee, heroin, opium, alcohol, sex - they're just some of the culprits she's got covered in this homage to music about drugs, with songs by artists ranging from Bessie Smith to Bryan Ferry to the Stranglers and the Velvet Underground, as well as originals.

Husky-voiced Hughes provides the action and drama. prowling, howling and strutting around the stage, transforming from screen siren to domestic killer rock chick.

However, the glue that holds it all together comes from her minstrel-like offsider, Svetlana Bunic, who sits to one side drawning beautiful sounds from her accordion and sampler.

Hughes plays to the audience, constructing a narrative of sorts from the songs, snippets of old movie soundtracks and her own material. Her slow mournful interpretation of Love is a Drug haunts long after you leave.

Louise Nunn - Adelaide Advertiser